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Our courses provide you with professional knowledge to help develop and design marketing strategies that optimise your marketing success. Whether you are looking to advance your own understanding or develop a teams, our objective is to present an informative and personal experience from our team of` specialist trainers.

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Why advancing your skills in marketing automation and email marketing is important

From the first email being sent in 1971, time and technology have both strengthened and transformed global communications and the power of marketing. From here we have progressed to enabling our marketing to become more relevant treating contacts as individuals. We help you to develop your knowledge and skillsets to stay ahead of the rapid developments in marketing learning to be a marketer who helps set the trends.

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Benefits of Using Wired Training


  • Develop Specialist Skills
  • Learn Advanced Knowledge
  • Stay Current & Industry Relevant


  • Improve Productivity
  • Strengthen In-house Marketing
  • Align Sales & Marketing Teams


  • Educate Staff
  • Increase Competitive Advantage
  • Optimising Marketing & Grow Brand

What we offer

Specialist Knowledge

Our trainers offer professional knowledge, through years of marketing experience. We aim to distribute this information providing a greater understanding of how to maximise marketing success, whilst also introducing tools and technology that allow you to effortlessly achieve this.

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Industry Intelligence

Through our own personal training and development, we educate ourselves on the latest trends, tools and technical tricks. We do this not only via research and development but also practical implementation. This enables us to provide industry knowledge that allows your marketing to stay current and relevant.

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Personal Support

The training courses we offer have a specified number of seats available to each day. This allow us to only ever provide a focused, personal and professional experience. The result is it gives each attendee the chance to discover and develop through creative content, activities and specialist support.

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Group Training

Educating employees allows your marketing to creatively and technically unite, which increased productivity, passion and overall performance. Providing team members with specialised knowledge saves costs on outbound marketing, aligns marketing visions and increases competitive advantage.

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Marketing Optimisation

The training we provide allows you to take control of your marketing, through strategic data collection, automated customer journeys and segmented customer preferences. We aim to provide skills and knowledge which enable you to optimise your marketing through tools and technology.

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Online Support

Through the course you will be assisted with specialist advice but we understand that the learning process continues after the course ends. Therefore, we offer online guidance, advice and support to help all attendees with future activities.

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We offer a range of courses aimed at providing numerous benefits for both the company and individual.

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